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For 16 years, I have owned and operated a thriving freelance event coordinating and decorating business, playing an integral role in the success of numerous collegiate, private industry, and family focused events and projects. As a coordinator, I meet the logistical needs of each project, ensuring the project flows smoothly from inception to completion. As an artistic creator, I execute my clients' vision with elegance and flair.

Production: The key to managing/coordinating a successful project or event is developing a solid set of production skills, which include resourcefulness, intelligence, problem-solving abilities and a talent for honing in on details. Punctuality, reliability and integrity, have been keys for operating this business.

Aesthetics: Decorating requires a great sense of personal aesthetics: I rely            on my own respected and established style, adapting it to execute the vision of each individual client. My innate talent for style and design helped me develop a great eye for composition, color, décor, and graphics.

Relationship Management: Managing a crew and working with several tiers      of clients requires tact: I have excellent relationship-building skills, including active-listening skills, the ability to negotiate positive outcomes and a knack for working well with diverse people. I excel at thinking on my feet and making quick, executive decisions that ensure all parties are satisfied. My financial background, in procurement and contract management, has afforded me the expertise essential to budgeting amazing events in this economy.

Stage and Set Design:  I have immense experience in stage dressing and decorating, prop research and procurement.  I also possess a deep knowledge of current décor and wardrobe trends, which are essential  to stage and set design. 

Toi Matthews

Owner,/Senior Designer